The Effects Of Global Warming On The Climate Change Essay

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As time passes, and societies advance in technology we learn more about the climate and how it is changing for the worse. Changes in the climate affect many aspects of our daily lifestyles, our health, economy, and communities. It is said by scientists if we do not make positive changes to our global warming issues they will only increase negatively, (nrdc 2011). There are many causes to global climate change, but the number one cause scientists all agree on is the expansion of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect causes heat to be trapped by the atmosphere that is radiating off the earth to space. Gases that are trapped in the atmosphere permanently and do not respond to chemical or physical changes in the atmosphere are known as “forcing climate change”. “Feedbacks” are gases that react to physical or chemical changes in the atmosphere, (nrdc 2011).
Gases that play a role in the greenhouse effect include; methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. Carbon dioxide is released by natural processes and human activities. Natural processes include volcano eruptions and respiration, human activities include deforestation, land use changes, and the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide concentration has increased by a third since the industrial revolution. As the earth 's atmosphere heats up water vapor increases as well as clouds and precipitation. Methane is a very active greenhouse gas produced by natural sources and human…

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