The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth 's Climate Essay example

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Global warming is an issue that is only getting worse as the number of greenhouse gases emitted keeps increasing. Some debate whether it was caused by humans or if it was just a part of a cyclic period. What isn’t argued upon is the fact that it is occurring and it is having a lasting impression on the planet as well as the people. I believe that global warming is in fact caused by the abundant CO2 emissions from humans and it is resulting in severe weather conditions all over the planet.
Firstly we will look at the side of the argument that believes that climate change and its effects are not caused by humans and are just a natural occurrence. Most attribute this idea due to the cyclic nature of the earth’s climate, which changes around every 100,000 years. This cycle is referred to as the Milankovitch cycles which have many periods of warming and cooling. Some people believe that we are just in one of the periods of warming and that it will eventually pass. They also say that during the last four periods of warming there has been a large increase in CO2 as well. They believe that this increase in CO2 is a natural occurrence that coincides with the warming that is currently occurring with the planet. Some say that when temperature increases (such as during the warming periods) “carbon sinks” like the ocean and the Artic can be the cause of the large amounts of CO2. They also conclude that during these periods of warming nature will eventually balance out the high levels of…

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