Essay on The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Have you ever noticed the air temperatures getting warmer, storms being much larger than they used to be? These are effects of global warming because the amounts of fossil fuels that we burn on a daily bases. The emissions of all the fuels we burn clogs up the atmosphere of the earth like a blanket and heats the earth up more than it would if we didn’t burn fossil fuels because it doesn’t allow gasses to escape out into the atmosphere. With the air heating up and getting warmer, the water temperatures are heating up to, which is very bad for trout who have evolved to only live in cool water; trout are uncomfortable in water above about 20°C. When water temperature heats up it doesn’t allow oxygen to dissolve into the water like it should, which is how fish are able to breath. It also creates problems to the timing of spawning migration and egg hatching for trout by throwing off the natural senses they are born with.
The population decline of fish species around the United States started to get noticed more a little before 1871, due to the fact that when early settlers first came there were no catch limits. As well as no laws stating what could be done to water systems and fish habitats to meet human needs. In 1871 Ulysses S. Grant took the first government step to protect fish and their habitats. This program was called the National Fish Hatcheries System, and to this day still existed across the country. Fish raised in hatcheries are used to replace fish that were lost…

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