The Effects Of Global Warming On The Ocean And The Earth 's Surface

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Global warming refers to the gradual temperature increase due to the overall global temperature rises phenomena in the ocean and the earth 's surface. (1)
The Earth’s atmosphere is holding the heat cause of several gases such as carbon dioxide and methane; it can be made an effect like a greenhouse. Result from this reason, overall global temperature increases. (2) Also, by burning fossil fuels such as coal or gasoline causes global warming (4)
In this essay we 'll look at the issues caused by the problem that is causing global warming and followed effects by.

Scientist thought carbon dioxide (CO2) was the main culprit of global warming by recent scientific research, but they are now establishing there are many kinds of gases such as black carbon soot, sulfur hexafluoride, CFCs, nitrous oxide, and methane as well as causes.(3)
First of all, Carbon dioxide (CO2) originates from the burning of wood or living of animals that are a smoke in the atmosphere over the past 150 years greater than before by 30%.
Second, Black carbon soot is a generate diesel fuel combustion or burning coal, which has reduced the amounts of cloud what is covered in the sky. So the cloud layer is thin that means much heat is trapped in the air, because the clouds reflect solar heat by40-90 % (3)
The third, Sulfur Hexafluoride is a vapor which is created by producing energy like established electrical. It is imprisonment heat 25.000 times greater than CO2 and it makes getting hotter in the atmosphere…

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