Essay about The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth 's Atmosphere

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The earth’s atmosphere came from gases released by volcanoes on the planet. It contained these three main gasses, CH4 (Methane), Co2 (carbon dioxide) and NH3 (ammonia). The Carbon dioxide fed the plants. These plants then produced oxygen which is a process which continues today. The same applies to NH3 (ammonia) which fungi’s take in then producing one of the main gases which makes up our atmosphere today N (Nitrogen). The atmosphere today made up of the main gasses N2 (78%) O2 (21%) Co2 (0.04%) and the rest the less important gasses such as Argon which make up 1% of the rest of the atmosphere.

There are many different ways in which humans effect the earth’s atmosphere in non-beneficial ways. Two of the main ones are Global warming and deforestation. Global warming is caused by fossil fuels from machines such as cars and factories (manmade) .These fossil fuels create Co2 (carbon dioxide) which are then released in to our atmosphere. The sunlight hitting the earth then gets trapped in the atmosphere due to the high amounts of Co2. This then heats up the earth making everything a lot warmer making weather conditions a lot more drastic. The main effects of this are that the ice caps are melting due to increase in heat, preventing the animals which live there (e.g. polar bears and penguins) from having a habitat to live in at all. The increase of climate change has also affected the environment by making the air more dangerous to us and any other animals on the planet. This is…

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