The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay

2384 Words Mar 18th, 2016 10 Pages
Imagine living in a world that is lacking in resources and breathable air. The land around you is completely barren, and there are absolutely no signs of life. Cities that once were lively are now desolate and abandoned. If Earth keeps heading in the direction it is going, soon enough it will be deprived of all that is good in it. The planet is very slowly headed towards its demise due to global warming. Because of the damage done from greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, the government needs to create regulations to stop more contributions to global warming. With discussions of the history of this problem, opposing thoughts on the issue, and views that support the thesis, the reader should be able to come to a conclusion about the controversy. In the early 1820’s, mathematician and physicist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier discovered a key component in global warming. He proved that the heat bouncing off the Earth is being trapped in the atmosphere. This phenomenon is caused by greenhouse gases, which block the heat from escaping (Harding). Later on, in 1862, physicist John Tyndall also made a discovery that helped contribute to the focus on global warming. Tyndall was doing experiments with different gases, like carbon dioxide. With these experiments, he discovered that the gases were not clear to heat rays. Tyndall also found that these gases were obstructing the escape of the sun’s radiation (Mandel). Furthermore, one scientist in particular made a vital…

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