Essay on The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

1784 Words May 31st, 2016 8 Pages
It is on the local news or found in the newspaper. It is in the air that people breathe every single day. However, many humans are still not aware of the harmful effects of global warming. Carbon is emitted into the air daily because of the burning of fossil fuels. Eventually, we will run out of fossil fuels. Then what happens? There are plenty of clean alternatives that put little to no greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. One small switch at a time could save a population of polar bears or even someone’s life. Global warming is causing the earth to change in multiple ways, some too quick to adapt to. But nature is not to blame. Humans are to blame for putting harmful things into the environment. We are the only thing that can save us. For starters, many people have heard of global warming, but they do not know what it actually is. Global warming takes place when carbon dioxide and air pollution accumulate in the atmosphere and absorb the sunlight and radiation that bounces off of Earth. The pollutants that get emitted into the air, like fossil fuels, trap heat, which causes the earth to warm up. In the United States alone, when fossil fuels are burned to make electricity, around two billion tons of carbon dioxide are produced. Global warming is not a huge hassle to combat. Yes, people would need to make changes. But with the rapidly changing earth, especially in the past 50 years, people are already needing to make adaptations. We need to decrease our fossil fuel usage or…

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