The Effects Of Global Warming On The Natural Water Cycle Essay

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Climate change: global warming will affect the natural water cycle, making the country a huge change in rainfall, resulting in extreme weather, seriously affect the lives of people in developing countries. In Egypt, for example, under the influence of global warming, the rainfall has been reduced gradually and lead to severe drought and crop failure, drought make the people suffering from hunger. Moreover, in some areas due to climate change and rainfall may increase, leading to flooded, it will also make crop failure. Undoubtedly, the people living in poverty in developing countries lack of subsidies to improve agricultural building to cope with climate change, which leads to the case of crop failure prone, people suffering from hunger problems.

Armed conflict: In recent years, developing countries often armed clashes, agricultural infrastructure severely damaged, difficult to produce crops amounts. Plus, a lot of casualties of armed conflict, the working population engaged in agriculture are greatly reduced, which will also affect the harvest. Furthermore, in the event of armed conflict, the military will be looting, forced displacement of the population, can not be cultivated, for example in Africa armed clashes, many people to escape the war and back and forth, it is difficult to continue to farm for a living This resulted in 3.3 million households facing food crisis. Thus, the famine in armed conflict will make developing countries worse.

Lack of farming technology:…

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