Essay about The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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The film’s overall claim is that, as a result of man’s pollution and the increase of greenhouse gases, there has been to an increase in global temperatures over recent years that falls under the term of global warming.
Al Gore qualifies his claim by explaining that not all greenhouse gases are as destructive to the atmosphere as we would think. He explains that we need some greenhouse gases to retain some of the sun’s rays so that the Earth can maintain a suitable temperature for the survival of life. However, Gore does say that many greenhouses gases are destroying the Earth’s atmosphere as they increase the amount of the sun’s energy and rays that is retained by the earth and thus results in increased global temperatures. 1) In studies of carbon dioxide content in our atmosphere, the increased amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere have been associated with the increase of global temperatures. 2) The increased temperature of the ocean (also associated with the increase of carbon dioxide) has resulted in the increase of tropical storms, tornados in the South, and typhoons in Japan. 3) Ten of the hottest years on record have occurred within the last fourteen years, with 2005 (the most recent year at the time of the movie’s production) being the hottest of them all. 4) Since 1970, there has been a significant drop in the thickness of the Arctic ice cap as it has dropped forty percent in the last forty years. 5) The rapid change of temperature has…

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