The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth 's Natural Systems

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The planet is quickly becoming desperate for a solution to global warming. The issue has been discussed seriously for decades; however, global advancements to counteract the effects of climate change have been ineffective. International focus has been on stopping the output for harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This is widely considered to be the most obvious and, if put into practice, the most effective solution. However, the world is addicted to old methods of power production with no signs of slowing down soon. This being the case, new solutions must be investigated to appropriately address the issue of a dangerously warm planet. A new form of engineering known as geoengineering is providing these solutions. geoengineering experts have been thinking of solutions for many years; however, until recently they have been regarded as far too radical. Looking into the future, these aggressive ideas may be our only hope in protecting our planet.

As the name suggests, geoengineering or climate engineering, is the engineering of the Earth’s natural systems. It has been defined as: “the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, in order to moderate global warming" (The Royal Society, 2009). Geoengineers do not have to pitch the idea to a single region or nation, but to the world as a whole. This is why it becomes difficult to propose solutions. Over time two main streams of solutions have become topics of discussion in geoengineering: Solar Radiation…

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