The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay

793 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
Global Warming is beginning to drastically affect the Earth. Most people do not think about the damage they are doing to the Earth of if they do they think it is a problem for the future and not for now, which is untrue. Humans’ lifestyles should be altered to prevent further damage to Earth’s environment by reducing the demand for energy, recycling, and using less air conditioning and heat, these acts will reduce global warming.

If the human race would cut down on energy usage, it would slow down global warming 's damages. In “Climate Change Science- Not Hype,” Michael Lemonick discusses greenhouse gasses and their threats on the planet. Lemonick says “that climate is changing largely as a result of greenhouse gas emissions” (Lemonick). Proving greenhouse gas emissions is becoming very easy because it is beginning to hurt our planet more and more. “The Science Behind a Climate Headline” by Rachel Pike shows how hard it is to make a breakthrough in the scientific community. It is apparent that we should believe what is released to the press by scientists because it is reviewed by hundreds of scientists from all over the world. Humans should trust this information because it has been proved multiple times by trusted scientists. “Global Warming- The Debate” is a visual representation of how many people are concerned about global warming. According to a study “97% of scientist think global warming is significantly due to human activity (Glover). If this many scientist…

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