The Effects Of Global Warming On The Ecosystem Essay

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intro Global warming is happening. Over the past century, the global average temperature has raised by around 0.6 degree Celsius. (1,2) Temperature rising is caused by humans due to the need of electricity. People have been burning fossil fuels to generate electricity for thousands of years and causing a global issue. (13,14)The rising of temperature affects the entire ecology because most of the animals and plants have to live in specific climate and condition. The change may cause decline or even extinction to species because of the unfamiliar habitat. (1)
What is Global Warming? Global warming represents the global average temperature is rising gradually and caused by the excess amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, sodium dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which flouts to the top of atmosphere. Then, the layer of gases blocks the heat from escaping Earth and as time goes longer, the temperature rises due to the heat from sunlights which has stored in Earth. (9)

History of Generating Electricity Although there is no reliable record stated the first use of fossil fuels, it is believed that people have been burning them to improve our lives for more than nine thousands years. (13) After the Industrial Revolution in 18th century, burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is used world widely. Until now, the technology is well developed through centuries of researches and experiments. Burning fossil fuels has been the most general way to generate power…

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