The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay

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While developing, the information required to compose this academic research thesis, the most opportune position to commence my investigation was uncovered through the means of JSTOR or frequently introduced as a scholarly online library. To initiate my search on JSTOR, the initial terms that were inspected were “Global Warming Effects”, however the outcome did not derive the precise data that I sought out. Due to an inadequacy of admissible information, my triumph tumbled into the arms of changing the words I used in my search. Essentially, the phrase inherently became “Global Atmospheric Effects Carbon”. With this sequence of words, the uttermost sufficient material describing my question arose, and was accomplished by removing the term warming from my original search and substituting it with atmospheric as it was a more precise term for the effects that I yearned for. Moreover, the addition of the word carbon influenced the exploration of an academic article as the word narrowed frivolous material that did not correlate with my topic, being what are the effects of global warming on the earth. Warren Piver while composing Global Atmospheric Changes sought to explore conceivable substitutions for the presence of chlorofluorocarbon or CFC that were discovered within the troposphere and what formulas could be used to accelerate the process depletion of these molecules within the troposphere. Furthermore, Warren sought to uncover the effects of air pollution that was…

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