The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay example

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What is Global Warming? Many feel as if it is a natural phenomenon that the Earth cycles through. They are terribly mistaken. It is the effect green house gasses that are emitted by many of the machines we use today. These gasses are getting trapped in the earths atmosphere, causing the temperature to rise. The effects of global warming are all around us and are becoming more prominent. This climate change is a serious threat that needs to be addressed. The sea levels are rising, food shortages are popping up, the global temperature is rising, and much more. As the base temperature of the Earth starts to rise, the polar ice caps are melting. This is causing the sea level to rise. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it would cause the sea level to rise 70 meters or 230 feet. This would destroy many of our large costal cities and cause mass destruction. Sea levels rising would also cause wide spread flooding. Since the globe will heat up, many tropical storms will become more intense. This will only aid in the mass flooding that will plague the Earth. Food shortages are expected to pop up. This is because as water evaporates from the rising temperatures, many plants and animals will not be able to get the nutrients they need. All of the food we eat originates from plants and animals and if they aren’t getting proper nutrition we wont be able to use them as a food source (Nsikak). All of these factors, and many more around us are part of the many horrible effects that…

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