The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Planet Essay

1311 Words May 7th, 2016 null Page
The continued warming of our planet is being caused by the greenhouse effect. Our planet has been changing and the main cause is the result of the human population of the planet. The increase of warmth is caused by the transfer of radiation coming into our planet and the reduced amount of it leaving our planet. The radiation coming into our planet is absorbed within our surfaces and greenery. However, when the radiation is too weak to leave the atmosphere it remains within those same things and causes our global warming. The greenhouse effect is a commonly development of our planet. If it did not exist our planet would consistently be extremely cold and there would be no warmth to encourage our foliage to grow and blossom. The problem is that this natural process has become increasingly stronger with our larger population and larger cities. The results are greenhouse gases are fueling the global warming trend. A greenhouse works the same way. Radiation is passed through the glass panes and becomes trapped inside and the effect is a very warm environment inside the greenhouse.
There are three primary gases involved in producing the greenhouse effect. They are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Carbon dioxide generates over 55% of the greenhouse effect. It comes from fossil fuel use such as natural gas, coal and oil. A small part comes from industrial processes. An example of this is cement production. The making of cement involves the burning of fossil fuels and…

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