The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Environment Essays

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Humans are an incredible race of species compared to the rest of the animal kingdom on our Earth. We have the ability to manipulate our environment to our advantage: we build skyscrapers and cities, we mine out entire mountains, and we also dam up rivers. This power to shape the world in new ways is a gift of our intelligence, but with any great power such as this there is the potential for unintended consequences. We can shape the whole world to our purpose, but what if doing so were changing the environment in a way that would lead to our demise?
Global warming could be an prime example of global consequences following from changing the environment to meet our needs. During the 20th century the average global temperature rose an unprecedented amount, and it correlates to an explosion in industrial activity among humans. Why is this important? Because due to our dependence for fossil fuels, for the production of energy, would directly heat the environment around it. The combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline or coal produces carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse gas (EPA).
Although, carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas in Earth’s atmosphere, the levels to which humans have increased its occurrence pose a severe danger to the global climate. These dangers could result in events that are disastrous for humans, such as an increased rate of hurricanes, flooding, the rising of the sea levels, destruction and disruption of natural ecosystems, and so on. Once these…

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