The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Health Essays

1228 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 null Page
There are many readily identified and advertised effects of global warming. The obvious climate change, the pollution of air, the destruction of ecosystems, and plenty more. But those all impact the planet. And many ask “why does that matter to me?” True, those are huge effects on the planet, but they can have disastrous consequences on humans as well. If we continue to destroy our planet through global warming, our health will begin to decline as well. The drastic change in climate, the air pollution, and the ecosystem destruction will all have ramifications on our own health in more ways than one.
The most obvious change to the planet because of global warming is climate change. As global warming increases, the temperatures rise, and those repercussions are easily felt. However, one connection no one really ever draws is the effect that climate change has on our health. As temperatures rise, the health of humans vastly declines. Some forms of bacteria thrive in warmer climates. If the temperature increases, those bacteria will thrive, worsen, and spread. Not only does the temperature change influence the growth of bacteria, but it contributes to the amount of insects we see. Spring and summer are the hottest seasons. Coined the term “mosquito season,” these two seasons are when the dreaded mini blood-sucking vampires are most abundant. As temperatures rise throughout the year, we are more likely to see an increase in the amount of mosquitos. Without the ability to prevent…

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