The Effects Of Global Warming On Earth Essay

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Many studies in recent years have shown the increasingly obvious effects of global warming on Earth. There 's an influx of information supporting a topic which was once taken with a grain of salt. The speculated concerns have now become a very evident problem that is impacting people every day. On the news, there 's constant reportings on record-breaking droughts and the warmest years on record. The topic of global warming is not new though, in fact, the mention of global warming is well over 100 years old. Some people might think of it as a hoax or that this is just a natural progression of the world. There is now undeniable proof that the choices of man have sped up a process that could lead to the uninhabitability of earth. There are ways to lessen the impact of the past’s and the current’s harm to the planet. An analysis of global warming will reveal that the decisions of humans have had a stronger impact on the environment than previously thought.
The conclusions and information that about global warming didn’t just come out overnight. In 1859, a man named John Tyndall became fascinated by the ice age, which at that time had been a brand new discovery. John Tyndall was an Irish physicist who studied many areas of the field, but he somewhat carried on from Joseph Fourier’s discovery 25 years beforehand. Joseph Fourier was a French mathematician who in the 1800s, he calculated that without an atmosphere, the earth would be much colder. What John Tyndall did though was…

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