Essay on The Effects Of Global Warming On Coral Reefs

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Global warming has many effects on the world, but it especially has an impact on the ocean. Global temperature rise can affect many ecosystems, and the species within them.
Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are valuable resources for ocean life. Coral and algae have a symbiotic relationship, with the algae living in the coral and being the primary food source for the coral. As a consequence, this symbiotic relationship provides habitats for small fish and plants due to the abundance of food found in the coral. Many species rely on the coral in order to have a home and food to survive. Not only do coral reefs provide invaluable service to ocean life, but also to humans. Coral reefs provide protection to the mainland from storm surges by breaking waves off the coast. Global warming can cause a number of effects on coral reefs.
The Coral’s Environment

Corals have a particular environment in which they thrive best. Corals thrive in waters that are not too warm and not too cold (preferably about 70-90 degrees), clear, clean, and salty. Corals are extremely sensitive to ocean changes. As we put CO2 into the atmosphere, the ocean is absorbing that. More CO2 causes the ocean to change it’s PH level and become more acidic. Due to the change in PH, corals are not able to create their skeletons properly.
Nutrient Runoff and CO2

Increasing CO2 and nutrient spills or runoff from the coast can promote algae blooms. Although algae live on the coral, these blooms can be harmful and often fatal…

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