The Effects Of Global Warming On Canada Essay examples

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Global warming has become a prominent environmental and economic crisis in not only Canada, but the entire world. For the past 35 years, countries around the globe have dedicated billions of dollars to research on ways to prevent, remedy, and demolish global warming and other detriments to the earth’s atmosphere. It is predicted that Canada will face a number of serious problems due to global warming, but at the same time, there are some extremely beneficial effects of this warming that will be good. The Canadian government is well aware of the impacts of global warming on Canada, but for the most part seems to focus its efforts on improving the economy and little on reducing our emissions that are contributing to climate change.
Global warming will have a huge detrimental effect to the nation. Climate change will cause the ice caps to melt which results in the rise of sea levels; this is also an international problem. The gradual process of rising sea levels floods and destroys cities, expensive properties, valuable croplands, and causes millions of people to move out of their homes (Johnson 70). The issue of global warming “could cost between $1 billion to $8 billion per year” (Hartz). In essence, global warming is a paramount issue concerning Canada, a maritime nation with 8 of its 10 provinces and additional territories bordering the oceans and Hudson Bay. Additionally, regions may also face “water quality issues; higher air and water temperatures could result in greater…

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