The Effects Of Global Overpopulation On Our Planet Essay example

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Imagine what it would be like to live in an overpopulated area. Now imagine what an overpopulated world would be like to live in. In today’s world the population is constantly increasing and will continue to for years. The continuous growth of Earth’s population will eventually lead to a population that is incredibly dense. Over population is when the community becomes so dense that it starts to deteriorate the community and its standard of living. This is an issue that needs to be taken very serious if it happens because it is a concern that will affect everyone. Global overpopulation will have harmful effects on our planet, such as depletion of natural resources, harming of other species, and several other effects. As the world’s population continues to grow our natural resources will continue to be drained. Overpopulation will eventually deplete our natural resources because the population will use them before there is a chance to replenish them. With more people continuing to inhabit the planet, the demand for natural resources will rise exponentially. Resources such as oil, metal ores, fossil fuels, land, and others will all be harmed. This is because our society will need to be expanded in order to have room for the increase in people. In order to expand, Earth’s resources such as metals, lumber, and land will be needed for building. There have already been instances where large areas of forests were clear cut in order to build new houses. Another resource that would…

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