The Effects Of Genetically Modified Organisms On The World Essay

1430 Words Mar 15th, 2016 null Page
To continue, the use of genetically modified organisms can offer much needed relief to the millions around the world who are malnourished. From the poorest countries to some of the richest, most areas of the world are faced with the neglecting issue of malnourishment. Many groups around the world have tried to combat this problem, but still millions of men, women, and children go to bed hungry each night. In fact, according to some of the most recent statistics, over seven hundred million people receive less than eighty percent less of the United Nations recommended caloric intake (Raven). That is about twelve percent of the whole world’s population that are undernourished. Quite frankly, these people are starving and none of the current solutions are working. Plus with the world population still growing, the problem may only get worse. With more and more people being born into areas where there is a lack of food and water, genetically modified foods must be used. According to one researcher, the use of a genetically modified form of rice known as golden rice could effectively treat those who are plagued with a Vitamin A deficiency in in Southeast Asia and Africa, where five hundred thousand children go blind each year due to the lack of Vitamin A (Blakeman). This is just one use of the thousands of genetically modified foods, and it has the possibility of helping hundreds of thousands of people. By just implementing this one strand of of rice, it has the potential of…

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