The Effects Of Genetically Engineering On The Flies Senses Essay examples

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This summer I had an internship working in Paul Garrity’s behavioral biology lab at Brandeis University and conducted experiments on genetically modified common fruit fly, Drosophilia. There I learned about the important research that is being done on these fruit flies throughout the country and the burgeoning science of genetic modification that has begun dominating laboratories across the country. This research focused in on the sensory receptors that the flies use to detect changes in humidity and temperature. Using genetic modification we could manipulate which genes expressed themselves and through extensive trials could uncover which genes are integral to the sensory systems we were interested in. The work that I actually did in the lab has formed and shaped my bedrock of understanding of behavioral analysis and genetic modification. Each experiment started with defining which genes we would be isolating for that experiment. From the direction of Professor Garrity I would use the particular genotype we were focusing on across the lab and prepare at least 30 of those flies for testing. My assignment to study the effects of the genetically engineering on the flies senses was the first time I had ever genetically modified a multi-celled organism and the first time I had glimpsed the awesome power of genetic modification when it comes to animals. These are technologies that are far surpassed in their future importance with wide ranging implications for health, food…

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