The Effects Of Genetic Engineering On Our Earth Essay

1102 Words Jul 28th, 2015 null Page
At this moment, pollutants are being put in the air and harming the earth. Animals that are used for their manure emits ten percent of the world’s methane into the air ("Methane Emissions"). This is very harmful to the earth and its inhabitants. However, the amount of this dangerous gas from manure can be reduced by genetic engineering. A study shows that feeding genetically modified maize to pregnant cows reduces the amount of methane their offspring releases ( This will help reduce the pollutants being put in the air. Without funding for genetic engineering, the world would never have known about the good things, such as this maize. Some human beings are trying to stop companies from modifying genes, because they see it as unethical and dangerous. "Genetic engineering is actually as natural as any process on Earth…” (Coker). Coker has pronounced that viruses move DNA between organisms all the time and that is basically all genetic engineering is. With more funding for genetic engineering the process could help in areas of agriculture, animals, and health care. Genetic engineering in the agriculture field could help the world in many ways. In California, along with other states in America, water is a big problem because they constantly are lacking it. Especially in California, the plants drink most of the water and leave the state in a drought. According to Miller, with more funding, plants could have the ability to…

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