Essay on The Effects Of Genetic Engineering On Food

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A small village in a rural area struggles with crop failure that affects everyone. The children are unable to focus in school on the topic as their stomachs rumble. Families struggle to put food on the table, farmer’s fields are bare of life. In a large city fresh food is scarce and overpriced, the frost came early this year. Without genetically engineering food, harsh weather conditions, and sudden catastrophes are able to wipe out thousands of necessary crops. Though the usage of genetic engineering on food can be thought of as harmful, the benefits are even greater.
The weather affects crops around the world, and while people say that places need to plant indigenous crops for them to thrive in their environment, those crops can still fail; with the usage of genetic engineering the benefits on the crops and towns are considerable. It is no surprise that Mother Nature can make crop production a difficult and exhausting process, but the hardship can be lessened. Abiotic stresses, such as drought, salinity, extreme temperatures, chemical toxicity, and oxidative stress are serious threats to agriculture and the natural status of the environment (). Cold stress happens a lot to plants and when it does it can demolish fields. An example is the tomato. Tomatoes can be grown in large farms or in a pot in the back yard, but these easy to grow fruits can easily die when the temperature drops too low. Stop the Last of tomato to defrost scientist insert quotation change into the…

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