Essay The Effects Of Gender Socialization On Children

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The Effects of Gender Socialization in Children:
Impact of Family and Society
One of the most important parts of a child’s development, as modern society sees it, is the process of gender socialization. Every aspect of a child’s life, from the color of their bedroom walls, to the clothes they wear, to the way they are treated by adults is in part affected by their gender and the stereotypes that are associated with it. This eventually effects achievement, learning ability, careers, and almost everything else the child will go on to do and accomplish in his or her life. There are many different ways that children are socialized into their respective gender, such as through parental behavior, material objects, and the child’s own desires.
Gender is a social construct in which an individual feels, acts, and projects a certain identity. Conversely, sex is the biological characteristics with which one is born. The role of socializing the child comes from the parents, and also from society at large, which tends to consider gender and sex synonyms. The effect on children growing up is what makes gender socialization such an integral part of development: not only does the family play a vital role in driving a child’s understanding of him or herself, but it builds schemas which eventually make a long-lasting impact on the child (Arnett 617). A major way in which children are socialized is through what the mass media chooses to designate for them. For example, toys are a highly…

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