GPS Technology In Navigation

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Effects of GPS Technology in Navigation
Since the beginning of mankind humans have used navigation to travel. Whether it’s walking long distances to hunt and gather or sailing out to sea beyond the sight of land to catch bigger fish, man has relied on navigation techniques to return home. Since then, navigation has relatively remained the same without drastic improvement and up until 10 – 15 years ago we were still relying on the map and compass to land navigate. We now primarily use the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and it has drastically revolutionized how we navigate and has made navigation much easier and extremely precise. Understanding the effects of the changes of how we navigated in the past and how we currently navigate will give us an insight to the future of GPS navigation.
GPS navigation has it origins in land surveying, and some of the first known surveyors where the Egyptians the Greeks and the Romans. They used triangulation in order to better divide
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GPS has created a world of synchronized time, and exact location of family and friends. It has also created a lazy navigator because he knows to type in the destination and follow the exact direction. In the past navigators had to study the entire route before departing, know the distance between major points, he had to apply time distance formulas to get overall duration. The overreliance on technology has banished navigation into a lost art. GPS Technology has changed how we communicate and how we think. In the past, navigation was performed as an art, and directions were communicated as a story, but since navigation has become scientific, communication has developed very technical. Similar to the ideological bias we don’t “think” we just follow what we are being told by our devices, we have become dependent on the precision they

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