Essay on The Effects Of Fracking On The United States

1973 Words May 7th, 2016 null Page
The United States as well as the rest of the world are dealing with the issue that the world supply of oil is dwindling. Ever since our peak consumption year in 2005 the United States has been a major consumer of crude oil and petroleum products. As of 2012 according to the United States Energy Information Administration “The United States consumed 18.6 million barrels per day of petroleum products, making us the world’s largest petroleum consumer.” The U.S. has long been dependent on foreign petroleum products to meet our ever growing energy demands and consumption. With the revolutionary and controversial rise of fracking it is now possible for the United States to become a self energy sufficient country. With fracking, the proper technology and economic conditions the United States can tap into the world 's largest shale formation and harvest the three trillion barrels of oil that lie beneath Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. However with current regulation capacity left to the states, the US government is not properly utilizing its scarce resources. The federal government should regulate fracking to maximize economic benefits and minimize environmental risk. By expanding regulation capacity to the federal government corporations can no longer exploit shoddy state regulations that influence the surrounding environment with air/water pollution and earthquakes. Additionally there is some suspect that fracking contributes to Global Warming and its long term environmental impacts…

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