Essay about The Effects Of Foster Care On Children

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“Only half of foster youth in America complete high school by age 18, and less than 5 percent will graduate from college. Within 18 months of aging out of the foster care system, 40 percent will become homeless, and 54 percent of young men will have been incarcerated, as will 25 percent of young women” (Jarrett 1) . For youths that have aged out of foster care, the statistics provide insufficient hope for these young adults. The foster youth allegedly faces challenges with completing their education, connecting to health care, unemployment, homelessness, and the criminal justice system. Many people recognize that there continues to be a superfluous portrayal of African American and Native American children and youth in foster care. Foster care is a provisional living adjustment for abused, neglected, and dependent children in obligation of a secure place to live when their guardian cannot take care of them. Foster Care can be significantly improved by strengthening public oversight and encouraging organizational self-examination, coordinating services and integrating systems, and transforming how children and families experience the system.
Foster Care can be immensely enhanced through establishing public neglect and reassuring organizational self-diagnostics. According to Bass, Shields, and Behrman, “to enhance accountability, states should strengthen public oversight by effectively utilizing their external review boards, and ensure that adequate investments are made to…

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