Essay on The Effects Of Food On Our Food

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Food is one of the most basic needs of a human to survive. We must eat for our bodies to produce energy for us to burn. Since we have made great advancements in technology we have been able to look toward our food and make advancements there as well. People are changing what they eat together and making more diverse recipes. Part of that means that food has to be available for consumption. These days the need for food has increased because of population increase and because of its use. So how might one grow corn year round for consumption, or how can we grow orange trees that produce bigger sweeter oranges more often and in greater numbers. Well the answer lies in genetics. Scientist have found a way to genetically alter our food so that it can grow year round, or it can produce more fruit. Scientist have even found ways to alter plants in such a way that they are insect repelling and this was supposed to help eliminate the use of pesticides on what we eat. And genetic modifications did not stop with plants. We can also modify living things such as livestock and poultry. Modifications have been made to produce bigger livestock that is free of disease. All of this sounds pretty good right? Like something you would hear in a scientific movie. But is altering food good for people and our environment. Would you like to eat modified food? Do you have the right to know that what you are eating is modified or altered? Well certain organizations and our government thinks this is not…

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