Essay on The Effects Of Food On Food And Unhealthy Food

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I have always struggled with the amount of food I consume good or bad. Since I was just a young boy there has always been food in my life. When I say in my life, I mean that I for one have never had a struggle to find food eat. Some of my earliest memories were going out to eat every Friday night with my family. From childhood to adulthood, there has always existed healthy food and unhealthy food around and this will probably remain the case until I die. When was the last time you could not find a place to eat driving down the road when you are in a town The need for food is a craving a want a necessity. It is an essential part of life needed for survival. Self-control it’s something we all need and I believe something that I need to learn Knowing the love and hate relationship that I have with food will be a fight that I need to continue to truly contemplate about.
One thing that I can remember when I was younger that thinking about it now disgusts me. Just another Saturday like any other except this weekend, my parents had a party to go to only for adults. I was twelve or thirteen years old, old enough to stay home whichever one it was. Before leaving, my mother left money for me to order food and have it delivered to the house. Well me being the age that I was and not having any parents around for the night thought to myself I love pizza. So waiting until a little later on that evening after they had left I got on the phone and ordered a pizza from the pizza place down…

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