The Effects Of Food On A Healthy And Sustainable Nutrition Essay

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Food security, defined as the ability to provide sufficient food for the global population relying on a healthy and sustainable nutrition (Godfray et al., 2010), is likely to become one arduous challenge to the following decades. The predictions of The United Nations, in which the world’s population by 2075 will achieve about 9.5 billion people (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2013), suggest that modern and efficient measures must be taken to follow the prospective food requirements. Researchers propose that one way to achieve these requirements is by reducing food waste, since estimations show that around a third to a half of the available food will does reach the human stomach (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2013). This essay will discuss and evaluate some of the solutions found by several groups to reduce food waste in the different stages.

It is known that from the production to the consumption of goods, products pass through several stages (harvest, storage, transportation, marketing and purchasing), compounding the food supply chain (FSC). Consequently, food losses may happen in any of the stages of the food supply chain, depending mainly on three different types of population defined by their economic development (Institute of Mechanical Engineers, 2013). These groups are classified and described by Parfitt et al. (2010) as “developing”, “transitional” or “industrialised countries”. Firstly, the researchers suggest that in developing countries, marked by…

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