The Effects Of Financial Stress On A Single Parent Family

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Over the years, single parent households have become more, and more common than they were a few years back. Too many people, raising kids while being a single parent seems impossible both mentally and financially. Most single parent households seem to struggle financially because they no longer have a partner to help not only support but contribute to their overall household income. However while many single parent households experience some kind of struggle financially not all single parent homes do. Raising a household as a single parent can be very stressful in terms of finances. Which is why most single parent households and their families may experience financial stress, often the result of financial stress is …show more content…
She stated “Though our family may struggle with finances in a different way then other families it does get stressful sometimes like when I started college this year and was told I was not able to qualify for certain programs that would help me pay for school due to our families income being above the qualification lines” (Maya). From interviewing both interviews I was able to gather two separate perspectives on my issue and understand not only the effects of financial stress on a single mother but also the affects it can have on their family as well. From conducting my interviews I do agree with what my interviewees were saying. I personal believe that the cause of financial stress in single parent homes most of the time occurs from lack of another source of income such as the single parent no longer having the support of another parent. I also feel that while single parent homes do struggle more financially then a household with both parents financial struggles can be affected by a number of things such as assistance and obtaining higher education for better paying

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