Essay on The Effects Of Financial Aid On College Students

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Education is said to be “the great equalizer” among social class and race. Despite the lack of resources, poor funding, and limited opportunities, low-income students still get access to higher education. However, getting through college isn’t the only struggle. Growing up, it is instilled in you that college is an investment, and job opportunities will come like there’s no tomorrow. As Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars would say “It’s a trap!” Investments are great if you get employment right away; this is not the case in most occasions. Countless of college grads are stuck doing minimum wage jobs, instead of exploiting their knowledge in what they studied hard for; a great case of “underemployed and overeducated”. Sadly low-income students can’t just dig in their parent’s funds or businesses and get access to quick fixes.
Student-loan debt is a pressing issue that college students can no longer escape. Financial Aid is offered to almost anyone, making college accessible to everyone. This is an issue in itself. With everyone accessing these loans and aids, large amounts of money are being taken out that hinder students in the long run. As a nation, college graduates and students have an accumulated student loan debt of $1.3 trillion, with low-income students being the majority of the partakers. “Student loans have become the second largest source of personal debt in the United States; surpassing credit card and auto loan debt total,” says Dan Friedman from New York Daily News.…

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