Essay on The Effects Of Film Tourism On The Uk

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1.0 Background Research
The tourism industry has reached the stage of maturity and tourism is a very competitive industry. Whether it is a new destination or an old destination, to attract tourists to the destination is the main competition.
In the tourism industry, film-induced tourism is one of the sectors which growing faster. Along with the popularity of film-induced tourism, the international tourism and entertainment industry also has a significant improvement(Hudson & Ritchie, 2006b). The film-induced tourism in UK is developing rapidly and there is a research done by Olsberg SPI pointed out some locations around the UK have benefitted from films. The best example in the research is the Alnwick Castle, after the release of the Harry Potter film series, the number of tourists has increased of 120%(2007, 15). And the other report Oxford Economics investigating the economic impacts of film industry to the UK estimated that around tenth of UK tourism is inspired by films(2010, 1). According to the survey, the impact of the film on the destination is not short-term, but long-term.

On the other hand, a survey which research about youth travel behavior by UNWTO and WYSE Travel Confederation pointed out that students and young tourists are a rapidly growing group in tourism industry and gradually become an important part of the tourism market, accounting for about 20% of global tourism.
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