The Effects Of Fear In The Great Depression

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What do monsters, and the 1930s have in common? Fear. Fear is an unpleasant motion that can be caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous or evil. Film makers and story tellers, during times of great fear, love to introduce that certain fear into their ideas to make the movie and/or book even scarier. Fear has changed over many decades. For example, in today’s current, film World War Z depicts a virus that makes humans into monsters. This fear is that viruses will lead to the extinction of mankind. Rewind a couple of decades and you will find that the main fears were: Isolation, Loss of autonomy, and Ego death. One film that was very frightening during that time was a movie called White Zombie. In the film White Zombie, director …show more content…
This caused America to spiral uncontrollably. The stock market crashed, banks closed, farms ruined, and unemployment rose drastically. The economic downturn spurred thousands of fears including extinction. Extinction is the fear of death. This led to people being afraid of their own future and weather they would die or not. Another fear that relates to extinction was isolation. The fear, isolation, comes from how people did not want to be alone, for instance if their loved ones or friends died. Many races were effected especially the differences between genders played a crucial role. One gender was more effected and more afraid then the other. This gender was women. Women began to develop a sense of pride in the 1900s, however they progressively got scared. The fear loss of autonomy was what women feared. Loss of autonomy is the fear that you may lose control or that you are being controlled. Women were horrified that they would never be able to get a job and help support their children and husband. Culturally their place was already set, which is the home worker. The Encyclopedia of the Great Depression states, “Even Women’s colleges formally charged women not to pursue careers after graduation so that their places could be filled by men.” Women were being controlled constantly. No matter the circumstances women found a way to break through this No matter the fear they battled it. The encyclopedia also states, while feminism as a concept was not nourished during the economically tumultuous period, women around the nation did become politically and economically active because of the pressures of the time. Madeline in the end broke through the voodoo curse, and so did women in the 1930s even if it took awhile to get

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