The Effects Of Fat Acceptance Movement On The Fashion Industry

1100 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
At the age of seventeen, I weighed two-hundred pounds and was labeled obese with a BMI (body mass index) of thirty-nine. My older brother and dad were also overweight and had developed type two diabetes because of their unhealthy lifestyle consisting of lack of exercise and bad diet. Meanwhile, my doctor told me that if I did not begin changing my diet, I would soon be on the same medication as my family when they diagnose me with either type two diabetes, or a heart-related disease. I was filled with disbelief; I thought that my size did not matter at all, and there was no way it would ever potentially harm me, until my doctor told me the big news. I then started a long journey to lose the weight and move towards a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, it has come to light that the fat acceptance movement has recently been taking the world by a storm. Newspapers, magazines, social media, and even the fashion industry have started to become more accepting towards the beauty standards that was not considered the social norm. Currently, the world has become more accepting to the plus-size beauty standard and taking it in a stride. But the medical community and scientific researchers began to question whether the fat acceptance movement was actually healthy. The fat acceptance movement is doing more harm than good because it promotes obesity and harms a person’s overall psychological health spectrum. According to Kathleen Marciondo, author of “Stemming the Obesity Epidemic”, she…

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