The Effects Of Fast Food On The Obesity Rate Essay examples

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A study was done on pregnant women to see how fast food effects their obesity rate. Pregnant women have been shown to gain at least 20 kilos during pregnancy due to consumption of fast food that is located .10 miles away(Do Fast Food Restaurants Contribute to Obesity?). This proves that when a fast food location is closer people are more likely to stop there, because it is convenient. When they continuously stop there, they over consume, and gain weight. This is probable, because of the pregnant woman 's cravings, lack of self control, and the convenience fast food offers. Over 1 million women are effected by obesity during pregnancy, and this is due to the consumption of fast food, and how close they are to it.

Americans who frequently visit fast food restaurants often have a higher BMI, and usually lead their life to obesity. 84% of Americans eat fast food once or more a week, and 20% eat fast food three times or more(Kings of Fast Food). This exemplifies how more frequent visits at fast food locations will lead to a greater risk of obesity. People who indulge in these meals eat more calories than there body can burn, and when they frequently overindulge weight begins to pile on. This over consumption of calories is causing Americans to gain more weight, and lower their ability to lose it. Now look deeper into what the food consists of.

Food options, their ingredients, and calorie amounts are a great contributor to obesity. Like mentioned before Americans are eating…

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