The Effects Of Fast Food On Healthy Food Essay

1180 Words Jan 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Andrew got a job and his own apartment, and he is happy because now he can eat whatever he wants without his parents telling him what to do. Andrew did not care about healthy food, in the last few months he has been eating fast food for all of his meals without much exercise because of his work. He noticed that he had gained 20 pounds so he tried to find time to exercise a little but sadly could not. Another three years pass and Andrew did not change his eating habits at all and gained 86 more pounds, he found it difficult to do his daily tasks because he started to have heart aches. Then, while he was working, he noticed his left arm tingling, shortly after he had a heart attack! His co-workers ran towards him and rushed him to the nearest hospital. Fortunately his heart went back into normal rhythm, then he listened to his doctor. The doctor explained to him that fast food had caused him to be obese, obesity could lead to another heart attack which may kill him if he does not stop his fast food addiction which is mostly fat and grease with a lot of calories. Fast food has major effects on a person 's health and has a lot to deal with the effects on the body, illnesses, and addiction. Fast food can cause someone to eventually become obese. (Ebbeling). Fast foods are highly processed and are full of fat, calories, and sodium (Dietz). Around 2000 calories per day is the recommended amount for a human. Someone can easily consume 1500 calories in just one fast food meal…

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