The Effects Of Fast Food On Children Essay

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The Effects Of Fast food on Children
Fast food has completely taken over America. Fast food is consumed by people of all different regions, genders and ages. Fast food corporations are indeed targeting the children by making kids meals, kids menus, adding toys to the meals, playgrounds in the restaurants, television advertising and creating kids characters that are related to fast food to attract the children. Most importantly, the clear goal of the fast food corporation which is to “get kids to nag their parents and nag them well” (Schlosser 43). Therefore the amount of fast food consuming by children increase. According to a new report, 12% of the children’s calories come from fast food (Szabo). Fast food affect the children’s physical health by causing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke, also their psychological health like having low self-esteem that could develop to depression (Fleck). Fast Food corporations should stop targeting children because of the damages they cause to the children’s physical and psychological health.
Advertising is one of the main reasons for fast food addiction among children. No child is born craving for fast food. Children between the ages 2-13 should consume 1000-1700 calories, more or less depend on gender. One kid’s meal contains roughly 795 – 1020 calories. If a child eats one kid’s meal a day, he already consumed most of his calories, let alone most of the calories he consumed are fat and sugar, and the meal does not…

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