The Effects Of Fast Food On Children Essay

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With the increased amount of time children spend in front of a screen, youth targeted advertising has been growing and is creating poor eating habits for children. One of the biggest culprits is the fast food industry; they target children by the use of mascots, toys, and playgrounds in their restaurants. Restaurants like McDonalds have everything that a young child could desire- “bright colors, a playground, a toy, a clown, a drink with a straw, little pieces of food wrapped up like a present” (Schlosser 42). Fast food restaurants cause children to crave more than just the food. The majority of fast food costumers come from kids; for every child that nags their parents to bring them to McDonalds, the restaurant gains an additional one to two costumers- the parents. By implementing playgrounds and toys, children desire to go to fast food restaurants to play on the colorful slides or get the newest plastic toy, the happy meal is just an added bonus. The goal of these companies is to get children to nag to their parents so much that their parents will buy them the product, such as a trip to McDonalds to get the newest action figure or a My Little Pony (Schlosser 43). McDonalds is succeeding in bringing in children as “about 90% of American children between the ages of three and nine visit a McDonald’s” every month (Schlosser 47). Furthermore, companies use mascots and animals to get children to desire their products. By using animals as mascots, companies can ensure that they…

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