The Effects Of Fast Food On America 's Health Essay

1034 Words Oct 24th, 2015 null Page
As everyone has known that fast food has major impact American’s health, and it causes obesity in America. In fact, there was a lawsuit case of two teenagers tried to sue the fast food chain, McDonalds, to responsible for their obesity in 2002. In this case, the court discussion states that if the teenagers could prove that eating the McDonald’s food for every day for every meal is unreasonably dangerous, they would be able to state their claim. For these reasons, documentarian Morgan Spurlock created a documentary, Supersize Me, to prove that eating too much fast food is really effecting in a person 's health. In his film, Spurlock decided to go on a diet by eating only McDonald’s fast food three times a day for thirty days and without exercise. He wanted to know that how much that fast food would affect his health in thirty days. He started out with an outstanding health for his age, high and weight. In this film, Spurlock blended so well with the techniques of logos, ethos and pathos persuade his audiences that eating McDonalds food are really bad for a person’s health in many different aspects. In this documentary, Supersize Me, Spurlock used the logos technique effectively by following a logical order to inform the information to the audiences. For example, in the film, it shows the label “ Day One” before she started eating his meal on the first day. The table of the number of days are in order to help the audience to follow along well on how long that he has been on…

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