The Effects Of Exercise On Children With Asthma Essay

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Management of Exercise in Children with Asthma

While exercise, can cause many adverse symptoms, in children with asthma, they can still benefit from physical activity and sports. Having asthma, should not prevent children from enjoying the same sports and physical activity, as their peers.
The most common chronic illness, in children, happens to be asthma. For every child, symptoms can be as different as the triggers to each of these symptoms. While one thing may bother one child, it may not bother another at all. The most common symptoms with asthma are coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulty, and may have some chest tightness and chest pain. Most children with asthma, will have symptoms when they are sick from a cold or while exercising.
These symptoms can also be caused by allergies, cigarette smoke, crying, or laughing. Unfortunately, most of the children with asthma, will experience some sort of symptoms during exercise, after exercising, or both. If the symptoms only come with exercise, it usually points to exercise induced asthma.
While the exact cause of asthma is unknown, we know genetics can play a role; children with a family history of childhood asthma, are more likely to have asthma than children who have no family history of it. Asthma, is more common in kids that also have allergies. Although, not every child that has allergies, also has asthma and vice versa not all children with asthma, has allergies. Children that are subjected to secondhand smoke or…

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