Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Labor On Employees ' Lives

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I. Introduction

Although emotions are difficult to describe, all of the people experience those pleasant or unpleasant feelings that can affect mood and behavior. Emotions relate to personal experiences and are a response to certain situations. The sociologist and author, Arlie Hocschild (2012) calls “emotional labor” the act of controlling feelings to perform a job. Acting in a positive way with consumers is a job requirement of many employees; demonstrating high energy, interest, eagerness, joy, and warmth. Always holding a smile and showing kindness. Even when there are obstacles and complaints, the interaction with a client, patient or student has to be as smooth as possible. In an attempt to hide real emotions, staff often engages in emotional labor. For this project information is gather through theoretical research and interviews with teachers, salespeople, and nurses. The purpose of this study is to explore emotional labor; provide an awareness of its impact on employees’ lives, and offer ways for coping with stress at work.

II. Emotional Labor: Psychological Stress in the Workplace Managing emotions is a part of many employees’ job as it produces positive outcomes. Hocschild (2012) calls "emotional labor" the management of feelings to create the right state of mind in others. For instance, a teacher maintains positive emotions and controls negative emotions to motivate the students. A nurse deals with demanding patients and effectively takes…

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