The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On The Development Of A Mental Illness

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Assignment Nine Experiencing multiple traumatic events throughout important developmental stages, long-lasting stress, and extreme anxiety impacts the growth of intellectual structures (Borja and Ostrosky 927). Here is the question. Can a traumatic event that occurred in childhood or adolescence impact the development of a mental illness in the future? The answer to this is yes it can, especially if the traumatic event happened during the young years of a person’s life. The stress of witnessing and or falling victim to physically and emotionally traumatic events increases the likelihood of developing mental illnesses later in life. Physical abuse includes having been a victim of physical punishment, for example, striking with the hands or objects, strangulation, burning, or having been locked in a closet or small space. Emotional abuse includes having been a victim of verbal abuse or threatened, having been ridiculed or treated with frivolity, and having been deprived of basic needs. Sexual abuse includes the experience of unwanted sexual events, for example, touching or being touched by someone else, being watched or spied upon while without clothing, and being forced to watch or participate in sexual acts of any other type, including prostitution. (Borja and Ostrosky 928)
These are the three main types of abuse that can be characterized as a traumatic event. Every person has experienced at least one event in their lifetime. Traumatic loss and grief, natural disaster,…

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