The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Children Essay

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When we talk about gender violence many people often think of an injured or bruised woman who has been brutally assaulted by her partner. However, in my experience, not all abusive relationships involve violence. Verbal abuse is the main abuse that I will discuss in this research paper. Just because you’re not assaulted does not mean you’re not hurt. Many women suffer from verbal abuse, which is no less devastating.
Many people agree that gender inequality does not exist in the U.S. and indeed is an illusion; a fabrication of a person’s imagination, I will argue that emotional abuse is often unrecognized, even by the person being abused. Emotional abuse can hurt just as much as physical violence, or even more in my opinion. This problem has become especially evident in our country today. As an example, let’s look at my last relationship, we were together for almost two years, and sometimes it seemed we were on a roller-coaster ride, in our relationship. It appeared she was so insecure about herself that she had a breast implant surgery, besides that, she was not happy with her figure. The truth is that it seemed that every time she would get upset, she would just yell and threaten to call my parole officer, and she would say to me how “I was a no good gangsta thug, and she wished that I was back in prison or dead, and how she regrets leaving her former boyfriend for me.” When in fact, my anger and jealously would overcome my feelings for her.
Moreover, emotional abuse is…

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