Essay on The Effects Of Electric Cars On The Automotive Industry

1367 Words Nov 11th, 2015 6 Pages
Automobiles have not changed much in the last 60 years. While they have gotten faster, safer, and more efficient, there have not been any major changes in the technology used since the first cars were brought to market in the early 1900s. They still use an internal combustion engine, use gasoline as fuel, emit exhaust that harms the environment, require fueling up at gas stations, need oil changes, and have many moving parts, making it more likely something breaks and needs repaired. It is time to revolutionize the automotive industry and fix all of these problems and more. There is one type of car that can do that: electric cars. It is time to move to electric cars, because they have lower operating and maintenance costs, have higher performance and efficiency, and significantly reduce, or even eliminate, carbon emissions. One of the best advantages of electric vehicles over traditional internal combustion engine vehicles or even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is that they have much smaller operating and maintenance costs. The difference in operating cost is due to the different sources of energy used. In vehicles with internal combustion engines, gasoline is the source of energy. In electric vehicles, it is electricity stored in the batteries. This difference amounts to a massive cost difference, with electricity being much cheaper than gasoline to travel the same distance. One analysis says that costs can be reduced by up to 69% by using electricity instead of gasoline,…

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