The Effects Of Economic ¬ Globalisation On National Sovereignty

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Analyse the Effects of Economic¬ Globalisation on National Sovereignty
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Global Politics Essay
Shaian Rawlins

Does economic globalisation really have an impact on national sovereignty? Economic Globalisation is economic combination of national, regional and local economics to enable a strong cross-border trade movement of goods, services, technologies and capitals. National Sovereignty can be defined as a country having total control over its own land territory, goods and services, militia etc. without other states interfering with its economic or political stance. A nations sovereignty can be questioned if the country needs aid from neighbouring countries, a conflict is happening within a country or there is interference from outside sources such as other countries or major companies within the country that controls most of the country’s economic and political status. One will discuss the positive and negative as well as the direct and indirect effects economic globalisation has on national sovereignty. One will look at The European Union (a pooled sovereignty which consists of 28 European countries) as a case study to prove whether economic globalisation has a positive or negative effect on a country.
The European Union also known as the EU is an international organisation made up of 28 European Countries some including Germany, United Kingdom and France. The European Union is able to pass and govern laws, most of which are the same within most…

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