The Effects Of Eating Meat Harm The Environment

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When dinosaurs ruled the earth, the climate was most likely humid and warm. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was close to present day levels. Scientists found that the reasons of extinction of dinosaurs have linked to the global warming. Changes in climate would have occurred due to the disruption of wind and ocean currents. These marine changes, combined with volcanism and an extraterrestrial impact, may have caused the mass extinctions. (Dinosaurs Climate Change and Biodiversity) Similarly to the final stage of the Cretaceous, the average annual temperature rose by 1.5 F, with increases in some areas up to 4F in the last century. (Northwest Impacts & Adaptation). What makes the heat trap in our atmosphere?

The greenhouse effect is a
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We can reduce our foods and goods footprint. Lot of the carbon emissions are come from agriculture. Meat production rapidly increase our ecological footprint. For example, a cow must eat twenty pounds of vegetation in order to convert them into one pound of flesh. It takes 25 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat, but 10 times amount of water to produce a pound of meat. (How Does Eating Meat Harm the Environment?) Although, crops production are more efficient than meat production. The fertilizer application of agricultural soils to the methods of tillage and irrigation would lead to the production and emissions of nitrous oxide. It makes our ecological footprint bigger. We should have enough food, but not excess. We can get less meat and more vegetables in our diet. Additionally, we buy too many goods that are turning to trash within a year. It is one of the majority reason of we have bigger footprint than the other countries. When human produce more goods, we take more resources from the environment. If we don’t bring our water bottle to work or school, we buy it every day in the store, and we would create a million pieces of trash. We should think twice before we consume it; we can think about if we really need it or we just want it. These ways should help us to reduce our influences to

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