Essay on The Effects Of Eating Disorders On Our Bodies

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We live in a society in which appearance is highly valued; stressing the need for individuals to comply with the standards expected. The messages sent by magazines, T.V., and other media include buy certain products, in order to change physical “flaws” that any other way would be just an expression of what we have been through and the effects of Nature on our bodies. Recently it has been discussed the situation existing with “stick-thin” models, that in a way influence our concept of what healthy and beautiful is. All of those factors, resulting in the construct “thinness equals happiness.” Although maintaining a balanced diet and practicing sports regularly is recommendable, these behaviors when taken to an extreme can end up causing eating disorders.
Eating Disorders are life-threatening illnesses which are simultaneously psychological and physical in nature. Characterized by the manifestation of abnormal and harmful eating behaviors which are accompanied and motivated by unhealthy beliefs, perceptions and expectations concerning eating, weight, and body shape. As a general characterization, individuals with eating disorders tend to have difficulty accepting and feeling good about themselves.

Eating disorders and media effects.
Research and analysis of this phenomenon.
Commonly eating disorders are seen as a lifestyle choice. While Eating disorders are actually are bio-psycho-social diseases. The people who struggle with an eating disorder often become obsessed with…

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